1. Deposit of bacterial, fungal, algal and viral cultures, in addition to microbial DNA sequence data.

The unit welcomes deposit of cultures which are useful for scientific and industrial research and educational purposes. Deposits may be made under the following categories:

  1. General deposits: made for valuable cultures.
  2. Safe deposits: for confidential secure handling.
  3. Patent deposits: will be handled and exchanged as per patent regulations – Such deposits will valid for filing patent in Sudan.
  4. Deposition may be made under Budapest treaty to file international or even local patents.
  5. Supply of cultures: the unit will supply cultures for research or educational purposes only under strict terms and conditions to be set by set by the MCCU .
  6. Identification of cultures: the unit will perform the identification or authentication of cultures, based on standard morphological, microscopical, biochemical (manual or automated) and DNA sequence data.
  7. Preservation of culture: for long term preservation , culture will be freeze dryed. Other preservation methods will be made as required. Freeze drying service will also be provided for researchers and other interested scientists.
  8. Provide training to Young scientists in the fields of isolation, classical and molecular identification and preservation of cultures.

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