v This Directory began under the name of the Central Research Committee, one of the sub-committees of the senate of since 1956. In the term of the late Vice Chancellor Prof. Omar Mohamed Bilail in 1984 an executive arm created to help this committee “the Directorate for Scientific Research”. It continued ever since as a separate administration until it was merged with the Directorate of Cultural Relations under the former university VC Prof. Abdulmalik Mohammed Abdul Rahmanin 2002. The administration continued this way until October 2016 when the two directorates were separated in order to improve the work and push the scientific research forward and strengthen the cultural relations that represent one of the pillars of scientific research. There are four supporting committees based on the research boards of the Faculty of Graduate Studies namely:

  1. Committee of Agro-veterinary Sciences.
  2. Committee of Natural and Engineering Sciences
  3. Committee of Medical and Health Sciences
  4. Committee of Humanities and Educational Sciences