Vision: to lead the U of K to occupy a leading regional and international pioneering position; to reach Excellency that enables it to contribute globally in knowledge production in the spheres of humanities, basic and applied sciences.


v  Mission:the mission of DSR is:

  1. To promote and support interdisciplinary innovative research activities, publications, training and creative activities; including scientific meetings like conferences, workshops and symposia.
  2. To assist faculties and staff in obtaining intramural and extramural support.
  3. To serve as an advocate for the value of research in an educational setting
  4. To enhance the vitality of mission oriented research without neglecting fundamental research.
  5. In addition and according to its statute, the DSR in collaboration with the Directorate for Cultural Relations is responsible for linking the U of K with the local, regional and international academic and research institute and organization in promoting academic and research programs.


v Objectives:

  1. To define the scientific research priorities that materializes the U of K mission, in collaboration with the stakeholders: Sudanese authorities, private sector, NGOs, and community based organizations.
  2. To set the framework for the development and implementation of research policy within which academic staff carry out their required research obligations, and in which postgraduates can be engaged while maintaining local culture and its values.
  3. Searching financial support for excellent research proposals in areas of strategic importance conducted by talented researchers and integrated scientific –groups from U of K own resources, Ministry of High Education and within the frame of U of K local, international collaborative links; and to advocate its role in solving national socioeconomic-political and technical problems.
  4. To preserve the advance competitive rank of the U of K and to work enhance and strengthen it.
  5. To encourage scientific publication of research outcome; finding funds for U of K scientific Journals
  6. Setting and implementing policy of sabbatical leave as recognition of notable services for scholarly development and professional effectiveness.
  7. To encourage scientific meetings for bridging interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research activities and enriching intellectual atmosphere among the four research councils.

v Directorate organization: there are: the director, one deputy and three assistants for statistics, information and community outreach sections, secretary and the financial unit.